The highest quality of roof, foundation, garage, and patio services!

Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we supervise your project from A to Z.  We work to the highest standards in the construction industry.

Roofing and Waterproofing Quebec Inc. uses products that meet the standards of the National Building Code of Canada.

Warranties on the products we use are applicable on all our work.  Contact us for a free submission.


We only use products from reputable brands, such as Bakor, Soprema, and Iko. The following are the different options for residential, commercial, and industrial roofs:

White Roofs are our Specialty!

Our company has unparalleled expertise in white roofing. This type of roof is practical, environmentally friendly, and affordable.  The roof’s white color prevents the membrane from overheating when exposed to sunlight.  This type of roofing doesn’t dry out, and it also keeps its elasticity during the winter, both things that increase longevity.

White membranes are made of recycled materials that prevent heat accumulation, unlike other materials like asphalt, brick, or elastomer.

By choosing a white roof, you optimize comfort and save on air conditioning.  It also reduces the impact of climate change.

Elastomer Membrane Roof

Made of two layers, the elastomer membrane can be installed anytime.  It is usually installed using a blowtorch (but can also be done with cold), and then covered with various colors of gravel.  With a life expectancy of up to 25 years, it’s a reliable choice: very waterproof and low-maintenance.

The perfect solution for flat roofs!

TPO Membrane Roof

TPO membrane roofs have a high resistance to sun, frost, torrential rain, wind, and industrial chemical products.  This type of membrane has excellent seam resistance, and is easily repaired if damaged.  It is exempt of polychloride, and is resistant to oil, lactic acid, and other chemical products.  It’s also a good way to cut down on air conditioning costs.

Inverted Membrane Roof (Liquid Rubber)

Made with a molecule renowned for its elasticity and heat resistance, this membrane is the most durable coverage available on the market.  With reason, it is the most widely used in North America.  Affordable, light and resistant, with a life expectancy of 50 years.

Installed on concrete alone, this membrane protects from premature deterioration caused by mold, UV rays, corrosion, and ice.


The weight of snow and ice can damage your roof, leading to water leaks, or even worse, to collapse.  Removing snow and ice from your roof will give you peace of mind.

Call upon our team of experts, who have the experience and the necessary equipment to protect your roofing.  Our snow and ice removal services are available for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.


Waterproofing foundations protects against the water and humidity that naturally comes from the soil.  It will extend the life expectancy of your foundation’s concrete.  We waterproof the walls of your foundation or terrace with products from Bakor, Soprema, and Iko.

Protect your home, commercial, or industrial building!


Epoxy is a smooth and dense floor covering that is easy to clean, looks good, and is bacteria and water resistant.  It also has excellent adhesive properties and is highly durable, making it an optimal choice for your interior garage.  We work with products from renowned brands Sika and Tremco.

When you choose epoxy flooring, you choose durability!


Landscaping an outdoor surface for your patio is the first step towards fully enjoying fresh air and nice weather.  We build your patio with quality stones, like Permacon.